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Open offices are the modern and trendy look for offices nowadays. Everyone wants to work on open offices with sleek glass doors and huge glass conference rooms with trendy new furniture and all that the other stuff that makes an office space looks more appealing to the clients.

You can hire contractors to build you a sleek and modern office and you can add office storage cabinets and some décor here and there but the problem arises with it comes to noise control. Since a bunch of people, a going to be working together in one open space thus noise is the biggest problem that one has to face in open offices. Most offices install acoustic panels Sydney, but there are other ways as well through which you can manage noise in your office.

Ways to Manage Noise

Today we are going to be looking at some of the ways in which you can manage noise in your open office. You can incorporate a single method or you can combine various methods to control noise in your open office. So let us go ahead and look at some of the ways;

  • Install Acoustic Baffles

Most offices don’t have enough space in their ceilings or walls to install Acoustic Panels which hinders in the noise canceling mechanism but not to worry now because you can hang Acoustic Baffles in place of Acoustic Panels. The best part about them is that they are available in a variety of styles and absorb more sound.

  • Sound Masking System

Most office spaces are not built for Acoustic panels or Baffles. Since you can’t stop the noise from reaching outside the conference room, you can always alter it so that no outsider can hear it properly. Sound Masking Systems as a background noise that hinders with the actual conversation and makes it unintelligible. So invest in one so increase privacy and productivity.

  • Acoustic Panels

If you have the wall space and the ceiling space then the best option to deal with the noise problem is with Acoustic Panels. The best thing about them is that you can use them as walls as well. Since they are lightweight you can get them inflexible material, they are easy to move around meaning you can easily rearrange the office space whenever you wish. This gives you more flexibility and control.

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