Are you considering installing a new water heater in your house by yourself? It is highly advised to reconsider your decision and call the Emergency Plumbing Maroochydore because you are not an expert and you have no idea about the potential risks that will arise after you will finish the replacement job. It is not an easy task to replace the heater and a small mistake will be threatening for your life. Many people try to do it because they don’t have to pay money to someone else.  This is the lamest excuse that you will ever make because some dollars are not more valuable than your precious life.

Here are some reasons why it is good enough to hire a plumber for a water heater replacement.

·   Risk of fire

You know that most of the heater works with natural gas, which means that you have to burn fuel to heat the water. These fuels are highly flammable, so if you will make a single mistake during the repairing or installation task, it will cause a serious fire.  It is risky to install it by yourself because you will put you and your family’s life at risk and your property will be damaged as well.

·   Carbon monoxide poisoning

Do you know that ventilation is necessary for the gas heater but when the airflow is not enough, carbon gas builds up? It is a medical emergency and all those people who are exposed to the high levels of this gas are at the risk of permanent brain damage and death. It is an odorless gas so you must check if there are leaks or not. If you are unable to detect it by yourself, then make sure to call the Hot Water Servincing Maroochydore immediately.

·   Get information about the heater

You need to remember that online and in-person salespersons are not the heater professional so you should not buy products from them. You must take the expert with you when going to purchase it from the market. He will help you to buy the best heater that will meet the needs of your family and offers you safety as well.

·   Homes re-sell problems

If you want to sell your house but you have installed the heater by yourself, then no one would like to purchase it. During the inspection test, all the hidden problems will come up and impact on the selling process. For re-installation, it is better to hire Emergency Plumbing Maroochydore.