Stairs are an essential element that adds beauty to our house and office areas. It is not easy to update them daily, that is why; it is necessary to select the material wisely. To make your decision easy, we have gathered information about all the materials and their advantages and disadvantages. Basically, there are multiple types in which Steel Stair Stringers Sydney, metal, glass, concrete, and wood stairs are included.


It is one of a traditional staircase material which is very affordable. It is strong and easy to install and also provide warmth to the house. It is manufactured by using the pine or plywood that is sealed, painted, and carpeted. It is less durable than other types of stairs.


Glass stairs are used for adding a touch of modern glam to the interior of the house. The biggest advantage of it is that it is lightweight and allows open views. It can filter the light through different levels and is very expensive at the same time. It is strong and can bear the load of heavy traffic but you will have to face scratches on the surface.


Metal Stairs Sydney is more costly than other varieties but the strength and durability make it an excellent choice. It offers flexible design options and you can choose the style according to your needs. You can avail a heavy or lightweight staircase with elegant design elements.  The price range will depend on the  style or design that you will choose. It is perfect for tight spaces and lighter than concrete. It is noisy and with the passage of time, iron will change color. It is a heavy option for transport.


It also provides a sense of solidity and a modern look to your house. These stairs are normally supplied in sections and are easy to assemble on the site. The cost varies according to the complexity of the design and style you will pick. It requires a specialized manufacturing process and installation cost. It has a tendency to crack up so you need a frame for giving it support. It can suffer from chipping on the edges and the repairing can be difficult. It will take a long time to be fabricated and delivered on the site. Whatever option you choose, it is better to take care of the interior designing of your house.