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Top five suburbs for property investment in Sydney

Investing in real estate property is exciting. It involves looking for several options including property cost, value and rental yield as time goes on. Australian property investment is a popular choice for investment for years and the best place is the suburbs.

Here we have compiled the top five suburban areas in Sydney where Sydney property investment is popular and yields the best profits.

Australian property investment

  1. North Epping, Average Rental Yield of 2.49%

On the top spot is the best suburb for the Sydney property investment plan. It is located 20-kilometre north-east of the city centre. In terms of facts related to investment, it is a clear winner and yields notable profit.

Median sale price: $1,650,000

Change in median sale price: 39%.

Rental yield: 2.49%

  1. Bexley, Average Rental Yield of 2.83%

In the second place comes Bexley. The suburb is located at the south-west and 13km to the CBD. It has a lower median price than the above-mentioned location but has a higher rental yield. It makes it the most suitable Sydney property investment-worthy.

Median sale price: $1,292,500

Change in median sale price: 33%,

Rental yield: 2.83%

  1.  North Avoca, Average Rental Yield of 3.07%

For Australian property investment, North Avoca is a pretty suitable option. It is surrounded by beaches and waterfront costs which makes the suburb beautiful and worthy of investment. Also, it has a much higher rental yield compared to the above options.

Median sale price: $1.3m

Change in median sale price: 33%

Rental yield: 3.07%

  1. Marsfield, Average Rental Yield of 2.29%

It is located 16km northwest of CBD and best investment in Australia. Its median sale price changes often but stays on top. Also, the yield is quite decent for an investment.

Median sale price: $1.78m

Change in median sale price: 32%

Rental yield: 2.29%

  1. Killara, Average Rental Yield of 2.34%

Lastly, but not least, for Sydney property investment, we have Killara suburbs. The area is located 14km from the CBD of Sydney. It has a positive yielding rate throughout and quite a yearly sale price rate.

Median sale price: $2,987,500

Change in median sale price: 29%

Rental yield: 2.34%

Australian property investment

Honourable mention: Petersham, Average Rental Yield of 2.90%

Here we have an honourable mention. The Petersham spread to over 6.5km of land in the Sydney inner west area is considered a popular Australian property investment. The suburbs have a

Median sale price: $1,647,500,

Change in median sale price: 28%

Rental yield: 2.90%

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