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Size Does Matter in Your Custom Garage Doors

When building new houses or custom garage doors, it is important to take the time to evaluate what garage door sizes would work best in the space available to you. It is critical not to make the assumption that you would just need a standard-sized door.

Following the choice, it is more or less impossible to go back on your decision. As an added bonus, you should think about expanding the size of your garage, which includes raising the height of the garage walls and other features. It’s very difficult to beat the convenience of a large garage.

Even if you just have a single medium-sized vehicle at the moment, you should definitely consider investing the additional money to expand your garage, which includes the garage doors. 8’x7′ and 8’x16′ are two of the most common garage door measurements for the panel lift garage doors installation. Although these dimensions can easily fit a medium-sized vehicle, they will not accommodate a big SUV or an average pickup truck.

custom garage doors

Sizes of Garage Doors

If you collaborate with your builder and architect, you will discover that increasing the height of the garage wall will not be prohibitively expensive. This will provide you with a plethora of additional choices in terms of capabilities. A garage with sidewalls that are ten feet high will readily accommodate a garage door that is nine feet in height. So, why do you need custom garage doors that are nine feet in height? It’s likely that sooner or later you will have a large load on the back of your pickup truck that will fit easily into your garage and out of the elements.

The majority of the time, if you load up your SUV’s roof rack with a baggage box, it will not clear a typical 7-foot-high garage door. When it comes to garage door sizes, the width is also an important factor to consider. In the case of a boat trailer, you will discover that they are often close to 9 feet wide panel lift garage doors installation.

This implies that your toys will be left outside in the elements since they are too large to fit through the normal 7-foot-wide door. It is possible that even someone who is experienced with a car and trailer would enjoy the additional width provided by 10 or 12-foot wide custom garage doors while backing up the load into the garage. People may be less likely to hit your truck’s mirrors because of the additional width. For more information visit our Website

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