Electrical SWMS

Things Included In An Electrical SWMS

Looking for Electrical SWMS A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) was initially created to cater to those involved in the construction sector. But, as the years went by, other businesses and industries have begun integrating it into their workers’ safety management system.

Electrical SWMS:

Electrical SWMS is designed for employees who are given work around electrical equipment or sources. This kind of method statement isn’t restricted to electricians only but means for all sectors where employees may be exposed to dangers associated with electrical work with best electrician.

Things to Consider When Writing an Electrical SWMS:

  • Sufficient amount of research on types of work they assign to their employees
  •  Type of safety and health hazards may be involved
  • Countermeasures to be taken
  • How to make the SWMS easy to read and understand
  • Kind of workplace risks employees face every day at work

An SWMS for electrical work is nearly similar to most types of SWMS, including Carpentry SWMS. Below are some of the things included in an SWMS for electrical work:

Electrical SWMS

Part One

This part includes the task to be accomplished, the individuals assigned to the particular job, and the countermeasures to be observed to cut down or avoid the workplace risks involved. For instance, personnel handling electrical work face the risk of electric shock and burns. Therefore, the document ought to indicate the control measures to be taken to avoid such issues, safe work methods, and the training employees have to receive before they can start working.

Part Two

This part addresses site preparation. Before employees can be allowed to work on the assigned tasks, the workplace must first be inspected. The inspection ought to determine whether the site adheres to safety and health regulations as expected if the sector they are in. In addition to that, the equipment utilized is also inspected.

Part Three

The third part of this document shows the inspection schedules for the given tasks involved. This part is all about building a system that will be involved in regular testing of equipment, which is done by an expert.

Part Four

It involves performing a visual inspection of all the equipment before they are utilized. The part has to show that:

  • Plugs aren’t damaged
  • No wires exposed
  • Equipment is within the test data, etc.

Part Five

The part shows how the machinery or equipment ought to operate as instructed by the manufacturer. This part also indicates the info on the measures to be taken in case the equipment utilized gets damaged. Additionally, countermeasures are also included.


These are the parts included in an electrical SWMS. However, SWMS varies from one industry to another. The document must adhere to the laws and regulations set in a particular industry.

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