Flat Pack Granny Flats; perfect for detached housing in Melbourne and Sydney


Flat Pack Granny Flats; perfect for detached housing in Melbourne and Sydney

If you are looking for more space, whether it be extra rooms, office or studio space; flat pack granny flats are the perfect solution without having to renovate your existing home. With customisable layouts, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect area for you with Humpy Co. Pods. Not only fulfilling your space needs but also providing your property with a sense of togetherness.

Installing a pod on your property opens a myriad of options for you. You may choose to rent the space out, house elderly relatives, accommodate visiting family/friends or make extra room for your growing family. You can even successfully run your own home business in a comfortable environment. Without the inconvenience of an overcrowded home. Flat pack granny flats in cities such as Melbourne and Sydney are a perfect space-saving solution, as our Humpy Co. Pods come in various sizes, you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Our Humpy Co. granny pods can be installed in a day and, for extra convenience, they are also easily demountable. Meaning when you move residences you can take your Humpy Co. Pod with you. Our Flat pack granny flats are available to be viewed in Melbourne, on the Gold Coast and in Bangalow on the Northern Rivers. These pods can be built according to your personal preferences, with additional walls, doors or windows being available to install as needed. With many home designs available ranging from single to five bedrooms, you will surely find a granny pod will suit you your requirements for extra space.

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