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10. October 2018 · Comments Off on Guide To Pipe Relining? · Categories: Plumbing

Sewerage problems are one of the most dreadful problems that we face as homeowners. No one wants to spend a handful of money on something that is invisible and won’t enhance the appearance or the value of the property. But a leaking pipe must be taken care of because if left unrepaired, it can take down the whole property.

In the past whenever one faced some kind of sewerage problems such as underground pipe repair and etc. he would have to replace all the sewerage pipes but today that is not necessary. With the pipe relining technology we can repair our broken pipes without having to go through the trouble of replacing them.

What is pipe relining?

The pipe relining technology has been in business for over a decade now but still, most of the homeowners are still unaware of the technology and go with the old replacing method. As the name tells us, it is a process in which plumbers use different technologies to reline the insides of the pipe.

In this process, the plumbers reline the pipe by inserting a specialized tube in the pipe. After inserting the tube they inflate it until it fits securely alongside the walls of the pipe. The resin is used to coat the outside of the tube to make the tube adhere to the pipe. This provides a seamless seal when cured and is quite durable.

Advantages of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining technology has benefited a lot of homeowners and other property owners. It has made the sewerage repairing system less devastating. In the past, one would have to dig a whole and replace the old pipes with the new ones. The labor and the material used for repairing made the process quite expensive plus after the task was complete one was left with the landscaping cost as well.

Today with the pipe relining technology only a small opening is created and the tubes used are far less expensive than the new pipes. The process is less time consuming and the overall cost incurred is also less than the previous replacing method.

Many believe that pipe relining doesn’t last for long. But that is not true because it can last for almost 10 to 50 years depending on the material that your plumber uses to repair the pipe which is why pipe relining in Sydney has become quite famous among the homeowners.