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Every so often, a tile in the floor will crack. Unfortunately, if it is in the middle of the floor, it can be a real eyesore and not very easy to repair. Removing a broken tile takes a little bit of finesse, some elbow grease, and a few simple techniques that will help you easily remove the tile without breaking the tile around it. Thus, first floor additions in Sydney can be experienced.

Removing the Broken Floor Tile

The first thing that needs to be accomplished when removing a singular floor tile is the grout around the tile has to be removed. Take an angle grinder with a course grinding wheel attached and slowly work down the grout lines around the tile. The whole idea is to create a score line or groove for you to grind in. This holds the grinder in a defined path and will prevent the grinder from skipping onto other tile and ruining more tiles.  

Grind down the grout lines until you have ground down pat the thickness of the tile about ¼ inch. This ensures that you have completely separated the tile from the rest of the mortar bed that was laid when the tile was laid. One word of caution, though. If you have in floor heating, be very careful how deep into the crack floor you cut as you can sever wires or plumbing that can be costly to fix.

Using a hammer, hit broken tile around the edges to break up the tile ad prevent having to pry along the edges to get the tile out. Remove the broken pieces of the tile and put them in a garbage bag. Use a brick set (masonry chisel) to remove the middle of the tile.

Clean Up

Part of removing the broken tile is also removing the old mortar that held down the tile. For this, use the brick set to carefully remove as much of the old mortar as possible. Use short but firm hits from the hammer on the brick set to avoid losing control of where you are working.

Once you have the area completely free of the old tile and mortar, use a vacuum cleaner hose attachment to clean up any excess dust and small debris that may be left over.

The area is now ready to have a new tile installed. One thing that helps in choosing a replacement tile is to keep a piece of the broken tile you have removed to make sure that you buy the correct tile. This will give you a seamless transition when repairing and no one will know that you repaired crack tile.