19. November 2018 · Comments Off on Why Should You Get The Services Of Cable Locators For Underground Cable Connection · Categories: Electricians

If you want to get the cable connection underground then it is better to hire the services of underground cable locators. They can provide their services if your underground cable connection has some problems and is not working properly, then they can find the fault in the cable. It is better to hire them rather than working by yourself because they are the experts and they know how to work better. If you are going to work by yourself, then you should read the documentation that is given with the cable to know about what to do and why to do. There are basically two types of cable locators: active and passive locations.

The active locators are connected by using the specific lines of the cable by setting a certain number of frequencies and then these lines are traced by the receiver. In the passive locator, there are unlimited numbers of lines and they are detected by the electromagnetic field of the receivers. We cannot know that what is the type of line but this method is very popular and the cable locators can recognize them underground by their electromagnetic field. They are scanned by the signals of the radio transmitter.

The cable locators mostly work with two modules which are the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter works with the AC generator and the signals are traced by the transmitter to the cables underground. You can trace them by getting the help of Underground Service Locators. The signals can be set on a specific frequency. The signals then create the same frequency signals around the underground cable that is traced by the receiver. The signals can be given to the cable by the direct methods or they can be induced in the cable.

The direct method is simple and used most of the time. The transmitter is connected to the cable at one side and the other side is connected to the circuit. The physical connection is not made and it is not necessary for the induction method. The signals can be given to the cable from above the ground. The receiver can detect the signals of the transmitter which is below the surface but the receiver is above the surface. It is easy to detect them because of theĀ electromagnetic field. The receiver can also have the electromagnetic field. There are two types of frequencies that are single and multiple frequencies.