Asbestos Register

What is an Asbestos Register?

The asbestos register is a record set in a table to indicate the location of asbestos in the buildings and it also clearly identifies the parts and material with asbestos. The asbestos management survey team is responsible for forming and arranging asbestos registers with proper information.

Asbestos Register

What is the purpose?

The asbestos register purpose is made so that all the inhabitants in the building have a document stating that asbestos is present in the building and where the risk is high of exposure. It also involves prioritizing the safety of inhabitants during the removal or renovation work of the building. The management or the responsible owner provides the necessary evidence of ACM and instructions on safe management or removal of asbestos in the building.

Asbestos management Brisbane reminds time and again that the asbestos register needs to be updated whenever there is work going on in the building for safety measures. It is also integrated in the management plan that serves as the record of how it was managed throughout the years during the work in the building.

Who makes an Asbestos Register?

It is stated by the Model Work Health and safety law that proper measures should be taken and a register be made by the person undertaking or conducting a business. It is adopted by many states in Australia.

To make it simple, everyone that is involved in the construction of a building has a role to make sure the safety requirements are met to minimize the risk. Then the register should be made by the competent person who clearly writes the exposure risks and situation, and is able to modify it according to the given situation.

When an asbestos register should be updated?

An Asbestos Register Brisbane needs to be updated regularly. When was the last time your home or office or building had some construction or renovation? Every time such work happens the register needs to be updated about the material condition and if it exposes any risk.

Asbestos management plan Brisbane is made to ensure that the risks by Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) exposure are minimum because over time material deteriorates and increases the risk. Therefore, every time there is work in the building the register is updated with new information.

The inspection of the building contains ACM needs to be inspected annually for the change in the condition and register to be updated. Even if there is some change then it should be recorded in the register too. The ACM exposure is dangerous and should be taken seriously for the sake of inhabitants.

Asbestos Register

The proper measure should be taken when removing the material and it also be recorded in the register. Remember to update asbestos register Brisbane when there is construction, renovation or removal of the material.

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