Water fed pole cleaning system and telescopic poles

water fed pole cleaning perth

Water fed pole cleaning system and telescopic poles

Water fed pole systems remove accumulated dust from the window panes. In a water fed pole cleaning perth system water is treated by a distillation or treated by reverse osmosis and then it is fed up the pole to the head. This treated water gives your windows deeper and cleaner shine. The Water Fed pole cleaning system works with purified water. Because water fed poles systems have purified water so they do not dissolve solid particulars and in this way they benefit windows with a cleaner finish. The Water Fed Pole window cleaning system operates from the ground. This window cleaning system not only improves our health but gives safety. Awkward windows look great but are impossible to reach, let alone clean. These windows g+o untouched.

Pure water fed pole system

This system consists of three things:

  • Filtration of water

There are two types of water filtration system which are RO and DI . Both RO and DI are series of water filters. They bring the water (TDS) which is ‘’Total dissolved solids”reading to 0.

  • Poles

These poles are telescopic and they play an important role in a water fed pole system. They are made of carbon fiber partially or fully. This fiber makes them very lightweight but strong poles. Our pole system has poles that can reach up to 7 stories.

  • Brushes

Good quality brushes are attached onto the poles. These also have inbuilt water jets . The brushes have soft bristles which have several different layers. These bristles make brushes very efficient.

Work of pure water fed pole cleaning system

To make windows clean, water is filtered through water filtration system. This filtration removes all of the minerals from the water. After purification water travels through a pipe. Then the window is  scrubbed with the help of a brush. When all the dirt has been shifted from the window then the operator rinses all the dirt off the glass with the help of purified water. When purified water rinses the window pane then water naturally dries. Because water is totally pure, the droplets of water dry without leaving marks on the glass. So this procedure results in perfectly clean window.

Swift window cleaning is a very versatile water fed pole cleaning perth system. This system uses purified water to clean solar panels because solar panels are very hot due to the sun so by using a pure water fed pole cleaning system, this problem is solved.