Aluminium louvres NZ

Aluminium Louvres NZ

Looking for Aluminium louvres NZ? For many years, louvres have played a pivotal role in architecture. People used louvre systems to construct their house, most of the time protecting from the heat of the sun coming inside.

Aluminium louvres NZ are shutters that consist of horizontal laths that can be put in any direction to shade from the sun. But these days, most people are using aluminium louvres for decorating their homes and architectural attraction.

However, most of the time, Aluminium louvres are made, but you can sometimes build louvres according to your choice. The modern louvre systems are made up of titanium, Aluminium and stainless steel. Infrequently louvres are produced by copper or glass. These systems can also be used in closets, ceilings, front doors. Meticulously, the use of louvres inside the house is for ventilation, shading or just for decoration purposes.

Benefits of Aluminium Louvres

There are various advantages of using Aluminium as compared to other heavy materials.

Lightweight Material

The weight of Aluminium is very light and weighs approximately one-third of steel. Aluminium can save you a considerable amount of cost when creating your building facade because its installation is effortless compared to heavy metals such as steel. However, it can be used to make outdoor blinds.

Aluminium louvres NZ

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium consists of an oxide coating on the outer side that helps in protecting it from corrosion naturally. And it can be a massive benefit to the building. If you want to design that lasts for several years, then aluminium louvres are the best choice.


Aluminium is a flexible material, and it can easily melt. Aluminium louvres can be custom designed for any architect because it is pliable.

Recyclable Material

Aluminium and aluminium louvres are very simple and convenient to recycle without losing the original quality. Recycling Aluminium only consumes 5% of the total energy required to make it.

AFS has made various aluminium louvres systems. Indubitably, they use the best material to make sure its quality and durability are the best. However, AFS aluminium louvres are very pliable, and there is a unique louvre system suitable for every architectural project.

Moreover, the Aluminium louvres NZ can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the architect’s requirements. The aluminium louvres help in controlling the sunlight coming inside for buildings and elementary to operate. These systems can be installed in a motorized system or manually operable system, or a fixed system. Undoubtedly, it also helps in keeping sound from coming inside the building. For more information visit our Website

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