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Advantages of Easy Laser Shaft Alignment

Looking for easy laser shaft alignment shaft alignment is referred to as coupling alignment. It is a detailed procedure of making two or more rotating shafts co-linear. In simple words, it is a process in which two or more shafts are aligned in a straight line; this straight line can be horizontally or vertically. This alignment can be accomplished by the use of different methods and tools. These methods can be straightedges, optics, dial indicators, callipers, or it can be laser systems. From all of these options, easy laser shaft alignment is the most efficient, fast, and most accurate and precise tool.

Easy Laser Shaft Alignment

Easy Laser Shaft Alignment:

This type of alignment systems comes with countless benefits, from which a few are mentioned below:

  1. The most obvious and excellent perk of using the best laser alignment method is that the beams of the laser are not affected by bracket sag or gravity.
  2. Laser tools used for alignment purpose are able to rotate in different positions around the rotational centres of shafts. So through this process, it enables the laser to do the measurement of the rotational centres. And the plus point is that it does not get affected by the coupling or shaft eccentricity or runout.
  3. Mostly, these systems come with onboard software that is designed to calculate precise values for horizontal and shimming corrections.
  4. Some of these alignment systems make use of live measuring modes in order to monitor the actual shaft rotational centres. And this monitoring is done during the process of movement, which is taking into consideration both intended and unintended movements. Plus, it allows the aligner to monitor complete movement, and it knows when to stop.
  5. Many systems are able to store the correct alignment values in digital form. The purpose of keeping these values stored is for later integration into the maintenance record.
  6. Another benefit of using a shaft alignment laser tool is that it comes with programs that are used to measure and correct soft foot, base bound conditions, bolt bound conditions, and any type of shaft alignment problem.
  7. A few systems are capable of measuring more than two coupled machines at one time during the same measurement procedure.
  8. Many laser systems are able to measure vertically and horizontally oriented machines.
  9. Laser tools are used to achieve basic geometry measurements, including straightness, parallelism, flatness, etc.

Easy laser shaft alignment units and tools are able to measure long-span alignments. There are countless benefits of using this type of tools for shaft alignment purpose.

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