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Different types of sandblasting services

Sandblasting is a versatile method used for the roughening of surfaces or for cleaning them. These sandblasting services are carried out through different equipment. It is a powerful yet effective technique and is also known as media blasting.

And if you have a metal which surface is equipped with rust or paint, you should try this method to remove the rusting effectively and get your job done quickly. Once this process is completed, it leaves the surface clean and clear and makes it ready for a fresh coat of painting epoxy floor.

Type of sandblasting services:

There are three main types of sandblasters. You can choose according to your needs. All three sandblasting types have the same general method. These three different types are as follows:


Gravity-fed is the first type. It is basically a gun in which sand is directed into the barrel from the top. On top of this gravity-fed gun, there is a hopper which is used to hold your supply of sand as you work. When you pull the trigger, the sand which is directed into the barrel is forced out and falls from the hopper into the barrel to continue this process. When you release the trigger of this gravity-fed gun, the opening section that lies between the hopper and the barrel will shut down to stop the remaining sand from falling and save it inside the hopper for future use.

Pressure Blaster:

It is an alternative method of a sandblaster. In this method, a pressure blaster is used for the delivery of sand to the barrel of your gun. Along with the barrel, there is a canister used in this gun, which contains sand, and it is already under pressure. With the use of a specialized hose, the canister is connected to the gun. When you pull the trigger, the sand and air will come out of the canister together. In this type of sandblaster, you will surely not experience any kind of maintenance, but this method of sandblasting needs a higher cost. Additionally, you are not able to refill the canister once it has been exhausted. It means, in this method, there is more waste created.

sandblasting services

Siphon Sandblaster:

This is the last type in this listing. Suction is the main source of action in this type of sandblaster. In this method, a gun is also used along with two hoses. The gun is connected with the use of two hoses; one hose is attached to an air compressor, and the second hose is connected to the sand reservoir. In this method, when the air kicks out, it will create pressure through the gun. This pressure of air pulls out the sand from the barrel. This is quite an affordable operation.

These are the three major sandblasting services that can be used according to your needs.

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